My name is Andrew Richardson


I have been a potter, making and selling bowls since 2001.

For most of this time it was a hobby, while I earned my crust working in the City of London.

I have been running BristolPotteryClasses since August 2014.


Now I am looking to share this knowledge.

I got into pottery when my late mother's husband, who was also an occasional potter  suggested I have a go. I agreed and I was fortunate enough to go on an excellent pottery course in the south of France where I was taught to make bowls by a very skillful and charming Flemish potter called Rudie DeLanghe.

After that I was hooked. I continued to go to various pottery classes, and also set up my own mini studio in my spare room so as to be able to devote more time and hone my skills. When I left London and came to Bristol I decided that I wanted to create a decent sized garden studio.

I like to make bowls which can actually be used on a day to day basis.  Each bowl is made from stoneware clay, thrown on an electric wheel and then glazed, often using brush-on glazes applied in layers. They are high fired to 1225ºC.

Sometimes I use plain colours but I will often experiment in order to get the glazes to react with each other. Thereby generating chaotic results with interesting patterns. I also like to make 'marble-ware' pieces where different clays are wedged together to create streaky marble like patterns in the clay body. These are glazed with a simple transparent finish.

Sometimes I am accompanied and assisted by my honourable feline friend Alfonso 'Muppet' McFluff.